Printing Consumables and Peripherals

Wazar's Wholesale carry a full and diverse range of printing consumables, peripherals and accessories of all the brands we stock.

Computer and Electronic Hardware

Wazar's Wholesale have sought to keep only the best quality hardware devices, so that we can best assure our clients of the best quality products on the market covered by excellent guarantees and after sales service .

Data Storage Products

Wazar's Wholesale realises that your data is the most precious element of your computer system, and therefore we stock the most reliable storage products that the market has to offer.

Internet Connectivity

Besides staying current with the latest software upgrades, many application only run online and then of course you need to stay in contact with your clients and suppliers. Wazar's Wholesale has a range connectivity options to suit your exact needs.

Other products, Appliances and Gaming equipment

Wazar's Wholesale has an extensive range of gaming products to help you escape from reality for a while.